ghost pencils

Ghostly Pencil-Halloween Craft

Did I just hear someone say it’s almost October?  Are you for real?  I can’t believe summer is already behind us, we’ve almost gotten past September, and now we will be getting ready for Halloween and all the fall festivals.  Time sure does fly by when you are busy that’s for sure.  With all of this … [Read More...]

Surprise Ride

Surprise Ride {Giveaway}

Every parent dreads the phrase “I’m bored!”  Usually this phrase is uttered by my children in the whiniest voice possible, when I have just started cleaning, cooking, or taking care of another child. … [Read More...]

Creamy Spinach Pasta

Creamy Spinach Pasta

Did you know that spinach has so many benefits if you include it in your diet? It is good for your skin , bones and hair. It has protein, iron and many important vitamins and minerals. It is even said … [Read More...]